Murroe-Boher Historic Society

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The aim of this society is to foster and develop a knowledge of local and global history in all its facets.

New members welcome.

Chairman  Michael Hassett

Sec          Ann Maria Ryan

Treasurer  Joan Commins

PRO        Thomas Holmes

Monthly meetings on second Thursday of the month at 9.00pm in the Hall


  • Hi, My name is Sharon Regan and I am researching my family history. I have the shipping record for Michael Regan (comming to Australia in 1865) stating he was born in Boher Limmerick. He was 23 and a laborer. I calculate that he was born in 1843. Can your society assist my research in any way as I am keen to find out more about him?
    Sharon Regan

  • Hi Sharon

    I would say your best bet it to contact the limerick city library, the granary, who should have a genealogy section.



  • Hi Sharon,

    It is interesting that your ancestor was born in Boher – that is where I am from.

    I would try this website

    I would think that the only way to trace your ancestor’s birth is through the parish birth records.

    Also try who may have records from the 19th century.

    Good luck with your search Sharon

  • Hello,

    When does the Murroe historical society hold its next lecture?

    I am currently finishing a book (in draft stage) of the ‘The Castles & Tower Houses of Co. Limerick: An Illustrated History’ (working title).

    I would like to give a lecture on same to your society if you so wish.

    Joseph Lennon

  • Hi Sharon

    You might try this site has most if not all births deaths and marriage records.


  • I am a descendant of the Guinane family that lived at Annagh, Murroe at least since the beginning of the 1800’s.
    Timothy Guinane married Mary Rainsford 17 Feb 1817 at Annagh.
    Their children were:
    1. Thomas Guinane, bap 1-4-1818, married Bridget Casey at Annagh 21 Feb 1846.(Remained on farm, buried parents, descendants still in area. Letters recovered to youngest sister on Nebraska).
    2. John Guinane, bap 8-8-1819, emigrated with Catherine Louisa Ryan of Dromalty, Cappamore 1848 to NY (my gggrandparents; descendants in US)
    3. Patrick Guinane, bap5-4-1821. Unknown what became of him.
    4. Mary Guinane Duggan, bap 7-7-1823. Married James Duggan & emigrated to US, ending up N of Denver, CO (letter of farm exists – descendants in US).
    5. Margaret Guinane Keogh (McKeough), b 1826, married John Keogh & emigrated to US, ending up in Chicago.
    6. Stephen Guinane, bap 12-20-1827; emigrated to US, living in Rocky Mountain towns, married Sarah Campbell. Children in US.
    7. Bridget Guinane McEvoy, b 1830, married James McEvoy in Nebraska. Her grand-daughter still living!
    8. Catherine Guinane, bap 8-9-1831, unknown what became of her.
    Interested in any info on Murroe-area Guinane & Rainsford families! I can share a lot on the above families, including a famous sheriff of Leadville, descendant of the Duggan family.
    Thank you, Nancy Peregrine,

  • Hi Everyone
    We are currently involved in the Ireland Reaching Out project to trace people who have ancestors that left Murroe and to bring them back to Murroe for a Week of Welcomes in March 2013.
    We are also happy to help ,if we can with family research in the parish.You can contact us on

    There is further info on the project at ,where you can register and join the parish of Murroe-Boher

    Murroe/Boher Historical Society

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