Abbey Owney Heritage Walk – Murroe Boher Expo 2011

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This guided walk celebrates part of our local heritage for Murroe Boher Expo 2011. Meet at 1.00pm at Abington Church, Sun Feb 13th. Hosted by Tom Holmes and Br. Colman Clagaigh.

Christian communities have shaped the lifestyle and landscape of Murroe and Boher since the sixth century. This walk will explore the experience of one such group, the Cistercians of Abbey Owney whose monks formed an integral part of the broader community from the 12th to the early 17th centuries.

Starting with a presentation of the monks’ ideals and aspirations in the Church of Ireland in Abington, we will proceed to Abington graveyard where glimpses of the architecture and layout of the monastery may still traced. Afterwards we will explore how the monks harnessed the Mulcair river to supply power for their mill, sanitation for their monastery and fish for their table.

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