Yoga & Meditation at Glenstal Abbey

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After the recent success of the Yoga, Meditation & Reflection seminar, Bobby and Gerry have decided to ask you to join them on July 23.

This yoga, meditation and detox retreat is aimed at people of beginner and intermediate yoga levels. It will include physical exercise, spiritual meditative reflection, detoxifying the body and just getting away from day-to-day life while enjoying the beauty of nature in the magnificent grounds of Glenstal Abbey.
Bobby Jones practices an interdisciplinary yoga, which is derived from different yoga traditions, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Taoist. He has worked extensively throughout the world developing his own unique style. During his routine he will aim at bringing awareness into your personal yoga practice, so there will no longer be a form of yoga but a true understanding and connection to yoga.
Gerry Murphy, an experienced therapist and meditation facilitator, will compliment Bobby’s routine, with a guided meditation that is designed to quieten and transform the mind and body, using techniques that encourage contemplation and lead to greater self-understanding, awareness and integration. Valuable skill needed for today’s fast-paced, stress-filled world.

Re experience a connection to your inner-self and everything around you. Get away from your normal routine and find a fresh perspective and awareness within, and on life.

Day includes light lunch, access to mass in Glenstal and Vespers.

Looking forward to meeting you where ever you are in your personal life.

Yoga, Meditation & Reflection €60

(non-refundable down payment of €30)

Call Deirdre on 086 8307812


  • Every interesting meditation information I think meditation is the way to happiness that every one should learn

  • Could I please be added to your mailing list? I saw an advert recently in the IT regarding a Learn to Meditate day course in Glenstal but I am on holiday at the time. I would definitely be interested in doing a course to aid stress and sleep problems. Glenstal would seem to be the ideal venue even though I live in Dublin! Many thanks. Helen

  • Hi Helen,

    We don’t have a mailing list here – but we do have a facebook page which should also give you updates.
    However, Glenstal Abbey does have a mailing list, you can sign up for eNews from their website

    Best wishes,

  • I am interested in a schedule of your Yoga, Meditation classes please.
    Thank you.

  • You can check out all of the Glenstal events at
    Best wishes
    Murroe Website

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