Thought for the Week – The Chase

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One day a young monk asked one of the elders

why so many people came to the desert seeking God

but gave up after a short time and returned to the city.


The old  monk told him this story.

“Last evening, my dog saw a rabbit running

for cover in the desert and

he began chasing the rabbit, barking loudly.


Other dogs joined the chase barking and running.

They ran a great distance and alerted many other dogs.

Soon the desert was echoing to the sounds of their

pursuit and the chase went on into the night.


“After a while many of the dogs grew tired and dropped out.

A few chased the rabbit until the night was nearly spent.

By morning my dog continued the hunt alone.

“Do you understand,”  the old man said, “ what I have told you?”

“No”, replied the young monk, “I don’t.”

“It is simple,” said the desert father, “My dog saw the rabbit.


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