Thought for the Week – A New World

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At its deepest level our culture

is one in which the old imagined world

is lost but still profoundly cherished

and in which there is bewilderment and fear,

because there is no clear way

on how to order our shared imagination

differently or better..


It is not the job of the preacher

to construct a full alternative world

for that would be to act as pre-emptively

and imperialistically as all those old construals

and impositions….


Rather the task is to fund – to provide

the pieces, materials and resources

out of which a new world can be imagined….


Voice a lot of little pieces

out of which people can put together

a life in a fresh configuration…..

not putting forward a large ordered coherence..

but make available lots of disordered pieces

that admit of more than one large ordering.

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